stupidest cat 1


I draw stuff and I want to show it to people. I also sing stuff. And I make stuff, like, complicated stuff. I'm sort of an art monster.
I'm not super gifted, I just have a lot of passion and it comes through in what I draw, or sing, or write, or if I make a tea bowl, or a fusion curry, or even pour candles. It's why people ask me to do things, I guess.
When I was a little girl, I wanted to make the fiction in my head, my characters I made up, real enough that people would have feelings for them, as though they weren't just a drawing or written word. I was facinated with my own love of cartoon characters and comic characters, and how I thought about the fiction more than the people behind it. How I would love to send a present to them, things like that.

In short, my mission statement: If my art brings a reality to you, then little Nic is elated. And. That I will pursue any medium I can manage to explore new ways to accomplish this.